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Secwepemc Clothing

Traditional Secwepemc clothing was made up of mostly animal hides and pelts. Men wore shirts that were often decorated with fringes of buckskin, feathers, or tassels of dyed hair. The men wore leggings and breech cloths as well. Women would wear dresses made of buckskin that would either be belted or worn loose and decorated with animal dentalia, bone beads, quills, and shells. Extra clothing would be made for colder weather such as hats, gloves, socks, robes, and extra leggings.

Moccasins were the footwear of choice. These were made from deer, elk, moose, or caribou hide. Footwear was seldomly decorated, but when it was it was usually embroidered with dyed quills. Headwear such as headdresses and headbands were usually personalized based on the person's sne7e or animal spirit. Both men and women also wore earrings and nose rings made out of dentalia, bone, feathers, or claws.

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