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Manny Jules

Manny Jules was Chief of Kamloops Indian Band for 16 years, within which time he made great strides for aboriginal people. In 1974 he was elected councillor of Kamloops Indian Band for the first time, and in 1984 he was elected Chief. He is a distinguished First Nation leader and innovator who has devoted over 30 years of his life to First Nations entrepreneurship and self-government. Manny has created opportunities for First Nations' people in business and has furthered the goal of self-government.

As a co- founding member of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council Manny had pushed for the passing of Bill C-115, the only First Nations led amendment to the Indian Act. He was also responsible by repatriating through purchase and negotiated settlement 45,000 acres of alienated Kamloops Indian Band reserve lands, and driving the passage in 1988 of Bill C-115, also known as "the Kamloops Amendment."

In 1989, Manny Jules was appointed as the first chairperson of the Indian Taxation Advisory Board and was reappointed twice. As well as these achievements, Manny Jules also co-founded the Centre for Municipal-Aboriginal Relations which led to the making of the First Nation Finance Authority and the Financial Management Board and Statistics.

After retiring as band chief in 2000, Manny turned his attention to creating First Nations fiscal institutions. Manny is still active, having recently being involved in the development of Bill C-19, the First Nation fiscal and statistical management act.

In 2003, he became lead spokesperson for the First Nation Fiscal Institutions Initiative and focused on leading Bill C-19, the First Nation Fiscal and Statistical Management Act. Aboriginal people throughout Canada and elsewhere have benefited greatly from Manny Jules’s pioneering leadership, commitment and innovation in First Nation legislation, self-government and entrepreneurship

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