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This Map contains many interesting points throughout the Secwepemc Territory but is not all inclusive. It notes several landmarks and places that are important to the Shuswap People.

Secwepemc Prayer

Lakeview and children

Secwepemc Prayer

Kukstéc-kuc Tqelt Kukpi7 t’e skectec-kuc t’e tmicws-kuc.

We thank you Creator for giving us this beautiful earth.

Yucwminte xwexweyt t’e stem ne7elye ne tmicw.

Take care of everything on this earth.

Yucwminte r qelmucw, r mesmescen, r spipyuy’e, r sewellkwe, ell re stsillens-kuc.

Take care of the people, the animals, the birds, and our food.

Knucwete kuc es yegwyegwt.s-kuc.

Help us to be strong.

Kukstéc-kuc Tqelt Kukpi7 t’e skectec-kuc t’e xwexweyt t’e stem.

We thank you Creator for giving us everything that we need.

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