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Secwepemc Territory

This Map contains many interesting points throughout the Secwepemc Territory but is not all inclusive. It notes several landmarks and places that are important to the Shuswap People.





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Secwepemc Values - Kweseltnews

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Government Policy and Land Use
Native History Quiz
Secwepemc Band Names
Secwepemc Plant Quiz
About the Indian Act
Map of Secwepemculew

Historical Timeline

Neskonlith Colonial Reserve

North West Company
Sir James Douglas
Joseph Trutch

Seasonal Rounds

Contemporary Secwepemc Issues
Laurier Memorial
The Fur Trade
James Douglas
The Indian Act
Joseph Trutch

Secwepemc Leaders

Andy Chelsea
Wayne Christian
Manny Jules
George Manuel
Nathan Matthew
Joe Michel
Mary Thomas

Art and Expression
Language Lesson learn the body parts
Body part zip file
Language Lesson Learn the names of the family
Family name zip file

Secwepemc Clothing
Dress Up Game

Secwepemc Baskets

Birch Bark Basket

Secwepemc Stories

Songs and Dances



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