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This Map contains many interesting points throughout the Secwepemc Territory but is not all inclusive. It notes several landmarks and places that are important to the Shuswap People.

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children gathered around a table at the Chief Atahm School


The Value of Relationship – Kweseltnews (We are all family)
            The Secwepemc value of family and relationship extends not only to our human family but also to our relationship to the natural world.  All living beings are interconnected and valued as equals to humans.  It is a Secwepemc value to respect each other and our enviroment.

It was a must, to have a strong family unit. All these adults, young moms, young dads, uncles, big brothers, sisters, grandparents, were on the outside circle. In the middle was the little children and each one of these people on the outside circle had an obligation to teach these little ones in the middle how to become strong, to be part of the strong family circle. And it was a must. And with it, you have a dozen strong family units within a community; you have a strong community.willow gathering

Quote by elder Mary Thomas, from Thomas, Mary. "The Wisdom of Dr. Mary Thomas," Lansdowne Lecture Speeches, University of Victoria, compiled by Dr. Nancy Turner, Robin June Hood, Jennifer Infanti, and Diane Peacock, p.80


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