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The Value of Renewal – Mellelc

The Secwepemc are known for being hard workers, always having to subsist off the land in harsh environments.  Throughout the seasonal rounds it was of great importance to balance work with rest.  This process of renewal ensured healthier and happier people.  The value of humour, of celebration, and of rest, was maintained in traditional times. Today we are often faced with many daily pressures and stresses.  It is important to embrace the value of renewal to establish a healthier lifestyle.

“ Towards Fall sometimes they’d have good times, they weren’t always frowning, sorrowful looking people. They were happy people. They’d have big good times they call the potlatch. They’d sing, dance with joy. They were so happy they had food piled on the table. Everybody enjoyed themselves from way far places they came. When they are invited for this big feast and when they are going home and they look back at the mountains where they were welcomed and loved and all Indians loved each other.”

Secwepemc elder, Neskonlith band, Amy August. Audio recording, Secwepemc Cultural Education Society. Transcriber: Teresa Jensen.


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